9 Free Poker Apps That Can Actually Improve Your Game

The age of smart devices and digitization have made our lives very quick. In this age we are constantly online on the internet and logging in doesn’t require the use of desktop only anymore. Every second person you encounter on the road has got a tablet and every person has got a smartphone.

When we carry our phones and other smart devices everywhere, why can’t we play poker on it? With this thought in mind hundreds of online free poker apps were designed and released on the iOS App Store and Google Play, but most of them are complete trash!

Most poker apps are free-play

Poker apps offer free games and most of them don’t have the option of playing for real money. The games played on smart devices using apps from the playstore are just for polishing your skills so that you can win when you play for real money.

Some online poker sites do offer real-money apps

However many poker websites, for example, 888 Poker does offer apps for Android and iPhone that offer real money games as well for small stakes up to the nosebleeds. There’s also an excellent rundown on all online poker sites open to USA players at https://www.beatthefish.com/us-poker-sites/. If you want to play real money game then you need to download the app from the website directly.

The 9 free poker apps worth your time

Following are the best poker apps that offer great features and even greater games to play:

1. Poker Game: World Poker Club

Available on both Android and iPhone, this app offers a great user interface to the players. The most distinguishing characteristic of this app is that you can use gestures to control your game play. A built-in hand ranking tool enables you to see how strong your hand is. This app is absolutely ads free so that you can contemplate on the game peacefully.

2. Zynga Poker

Owned by one of the biggest strategy game app developers, Zynga poker has maintained its standard in online poker as well. It boasts of over 100,000 players and is available for Android, iPhone as well as windows. The interface is extremely clean and user-friendly.

3. Full Tilt Poker

This app has got advantages as well as downsides. The upside is that the app is really clean, the gameplay is very quick and creative. There are a lot of tables for you to play on and many different types of games. The downside is that you have to make a Full Tilt account first.

4. Live Hold’em Pro

Available on both Android and iPhone the interface of this app is a bit difficult to understand. You need to get a hang of it first and then you can play smoothly. The graphics are really good and the gameplay is really quick. One downside of this app is that the ads for selling online chips for real money are really frequent and after a while, they really annoy you.

5. Governor of Poker

Available on both Android and iPhone, this is the app which has gotten great reviews. It’s not about winning the next available game, this app is like a strategy role-playing game in which you have to win the game to play at the next big salon.

6. TX Poker

It is available on both Android and iPhone. The music and the interface of this app are very user-friendly. You can play all sort on card games on this app and can have a go at the slot machines at well. This is really like a mobile casino and players enjoy it a lot.

7. DH Texas Poker

This app is available for the Android, iPhone as well as windows. The interface is really quick and the gameplay is clean and rapid. You get a good amount of chips while starting the gameplay, the app offers SNGs and tournaments.

8. World Series of Poker- WSOP

It would have been really strange if the world’s biggest tournament didn’t have their own app. Well, they do, but it isn’t for real money games. You can play Omaha and Hold’em both in Sit and Go and in a classic multi-table tournament format. If you are really good then you can also win a free ticket to play in the real WSOP tournament. The app is available for both Android and iPhone.

9. Fresh Deck Poker

This is a relatively new poker app but you can tell from the interface that the developers had been working on this app for a long time. The interface is really user-friendly and it offers everything a poker app should. The graphics and the designs are really awesome; it’s just that it doesn’t have a lot of players now because it’s new therefore it may take some time for a game to start.